Little Cove Yoga

Little Cove Yoga is a beautiful yoga retreat we contacted prior to our trip to Goa with the intention to create a promotional video and photographs for the yoga retreat programmes they offer.


The retreat's website was very minimal with lots of details on their yoga retreat programmes but we recognised that they would benefit from a professional video and photographs to accompany their information and act as a powerful incentive for guests who may be interested in booking their retreat.

The professional content we created for them throughout our stay captured the full experience and our client left us with a lot of creative freedom in how we went about it. He later expressed that our video and photographs exceeded their imaginations and they were very happy to have their retreat captured in such personalised, suited ways.

Their retreat attendees grew in size after the content we created for them and they informed us that many of their guests reported choosing to stay with them after seeing our video.


We were very happy to be able to capture this beautiful yoga retreat and create a clear impact and benefit for our client's business.