Casa Felix


We had the opportunity to work with Casa Felix after being contacted by the villa owners through AirBnB. We were commissioned to take photographs of the interior of the villa and capture aerial (drone) shots to show off it's beautiful surroundings.

We professionaly executed the project with the intention to capture the villa's true beauty and surroundings, which weren't evident in their photos on their website and AirBnB prior to us working with them. With the beach just outside the garden and incredible mountain views surroundings the villa, they definitely benefitied from photographs to show these off.

The few bookings they had from the past were all positive with great reviews, however our aim and agreement was to generate more bookings and reviews for Casa Felix, which we were confident about being able to deliver. 

Throughout our work and stay with Casa Felix, we captured the experience of the villa professionally yet also personally, through our eyes, in order to make the content more personal and relatable.  

Our client was happy with our work and said that they greatly benefited from having fresh, original and professional content for their villa. We kept track on AirBnB and found that their bookings and reviews had increased after our work for them.

It goes to show how important it is to have beautifully, personally crafted content to show off the experience of villas, resorts and retreats which we are continuously passionate about creating.