Suarga Padang Padang, Bali


This is a commissioned package we created for Suarga Padang Padang resort in Bali, Indonesia.

Upon our arrival, we had a meeting with the owner and manager of the resort to discuss what type of content they would like us to create for their website and social media pages.


This is a way of ensuring that our clients get a direct say in the project and a service we always happily provide - by meeting face to face, we can efficiently talk through our agreements and get the most out of our business collaborations.

After some brainstorming and discussion, we agreed with the team of Suarga that based on their specific request, we would film a video telling the story of the resort through the details, textures and architecture of the place. You can watch the story below.


As well as film content,  we agreed that we would similarly give them a written piece of the resort's story accompanied by images we took. You can read the story below. Just like the details captured in the film, the focus of the written piece was to bring the resort to life in the reader's imagination through detailed description.

The Delicate Details of Suarga, Padang Padang


Earth's natural textures being nurtured by the sun and cleansed by the waves. The ocean, in return, showing its bright blue colours and the smell of sea salt travelling across powdery white sand beaches. A soothing, soul softening sunset coloures the skies pink upon arriving to Bali's breathtaking beach haven - Uluwatu. 

Along the dramatic cliffs of the island's fabled southern peninsula lies Suarga Padang Padang, a boutique resort that embodies Indonesia's incredible essence and rich culture. 

Skilfully crafted wooden textures, seashells echoing soft sounds of the sea, the delicate details of the resort engage all senses and create the most blissful welcoming one could have. It offers a panoramic view of Padang Padang beach, revealing the breathtaking vast ocean that the road otherwise keeps out of sight. 

Captivated by the wild waves, surfers emerge and gather around one of Indonesia's best respected surf spots. Looking around the resort, these fascinating elements of nature translate into every little detail of its' architecture. This is precisely what makes Suarga such a special resort to stay at - it channels Bali's nourishing nature and conscious culture through its' textures.

The resort blends in so harmoniously with its exclusive hillside position that it becomes 'living proof' of how well the Balinese people keep a delicate balance between themselves and the environment. Therefore, it will be of no surprise to reveal that the very idea of Suarga was born from the intention of creating a place that would embody the treasures of the island permanently. 

The unique retreat embodies this intention indeed through its sustainable concept and structure, offering a kind of luxury that is at minimal expense to the surrounding environment. "Adopt the pace of nature, its' secret is patience" - states the quote that stands for much of Suarga's values, having been carefully built over 7 years, patiently gathering sustainable resources as a way of respecting nature and honouring the earth. 

Suarga's building materials nurture the delicate balance between age-old values and a 21st-multicultural century lifestyle. They are recycled yet aesthetically pleasing materials wit ha long history that reveal fascinating discoveries such as that the wooden door of your Villa is made from abandoned ironwood pontoons or that the material of your sink was once a part of a bridge.

It is these small conscious choices during the building process that resulted in Suarga corresponding so graciously to the culture of its locale. Knowing that every inch of the resort has been carefully crafted offers a feeling of luxury and exclusivity, without a compromise.
The experience of comfort and indulgence combined with respect and minimal harm towards the environment is what makes Suarga Padang Padang a truly unique experience and place to stay.